Making New Memories In Asheville (Asheville Part Two)

As mentioned in my previous post Mom, Magan and I went to Asheville for a few days. It was a family vacation so we could be together for the anniversary of Dad’s death. It was nice to have a few days to get away with them, especially my sister. Even though I was home visiting for 3 weeks, I really didn’t get to see my sister that much because she has a busy work schedule.

Little Cabin In The Smokey Mountains (Asheville Part One)

The main reason for my trip back to North Carolina was to be with my sister and mom for the anniversary of my Dad’s death. I knew it would be a very difficult anniversary and not one I would want spend half way around the world from them. I knew that if we stayed in Chapel Hill we would just sit around miserable and depressed and that would not be how Dad would want us to be. I had the idea that we should go away for the anniversary and do something that Dad would have wanted to do.