The Around The World Scavenger Hunt

A couple of weeks ago someone posted on the Classifieds asking if anyone was going to the Yamaguchi Flea Market and would be willing to pick him up something. Also looking for new stuff to do and willing to help out anyone, I offered to go for him. Turns out Chris was looking for Tsubas. Tsubas are the hand guard part of a Japanese sword. He wanted some of the antique ones that are sold at the flea market. He had been stationed here before and wanted to add to the collection he had started.

Feeling Foxy At The Byakko Festival

The day after I purchased my camera, Jeremy and I traveled down to Yuda Onsen for the Byakko Festival. It was only about two hours from base. The festival is based on a legend that 800 years ago a monk happened to witness an injured white fox dipping his hurt paw into a puddle. When the monk dug into where the puddle was, he unearthed a golden Buddha and a hot spring started to bubble up. The white fox is the symbol of the city.