Last Day In Kyoto

Our last day in Kyoto was a little more relaxed than our previous traveling days. We decided to sleep in before we started out on our last little bit of adventures. After grabbing some breakfast we walked back over to the train depot. We would ultimately be leaving from Kyoto via the Shin from that station. Jeremy and I took our luggage to a locker room located within the station so we wouldn’t have to carry it everywhere.

Seeing A Different Side Of Kyoto

Our first day in Kyoto was exciting and busy. We started off with heading down to the Kyoto International Manga Museum. I would love to show photos of the museum but they didn’t allow any photography. We were really excited to go there because Jeremy loves manga.

Getting Our Yayas Out With The Gabas In Kyoto (Part Two)

Day two of our trip to Kyoto started off wet. The rain was nice while we slept but once we woke up we realized we had to figure out how to get to the car in the rain with all our luggage. We decided to put it off until after breakfast with the hopes that the rain would eventually stop. We found a cool little bakery that was underground at a mall near the hostel. I really enjoyed the pastries that we had.

Getting Our Yayas Out With The Gabas In Kyoto (Part One)

Jeremy and I were heading to Kyoto the day after the big earthquake with our friends, Stephanie and Anthony. We were all excited to explore a new part of Japan. My main reason of going was to see Geisha and some of the temples in Kyoto. We were only going to spend the night in Kyoto and come back the next day, so we had a lot to squeeze in a short amount of time.