Going Back Into The Past

Last year I mentioned briefly that my mom came out to visit us for a couple weeks. I know I had taken a break from blogging while she was here because I wanted to focus on spending time with her. Believe it or not but blogging takes up a lot of time. It isn’t all fun adventures and exploring new places and then writing down a few words with some pictures. While Jeremy works during the week, I am usually locked in my office for at least three days of the week writing, pitching companies, and doing behind the scenes stuff (the other two days of the work week is for housework and running errands if I have the car). If I get out of my habit of writing like this, my blog starts missing posting dates. I didn’t want to half ass my blog and lose out on time with my mom so, as you noticed last year, I took some time off to hang out with her. Of course after she left I got busy with all the cool events and whatnot that Japan has to offer that I didn’t get a chance to go back and write about all the adventures we went on with my mom while she was here. Since February is pretty quiet here in Japan, I am going to take the next few weeks to back track about 9 months to when my mom was here.

We timed Mom’s trip out here that we could take her to go see the Wisteria Tunnels in Kitakyushu on Mother’s Day. Wisteria is a favorite of both me and my mom. I was kind of worried about going though because it was located near where the really bad earthquake had happened and the base wasn’t allowing travel past that area because there were still earthquakes still happening. I was also worried because wisteria is a delicate flower. I wasn’t sure if the earthquakes had damaged the blossoms or not. Either way we loaded up in the car to drive down there (it was a four hour car ride down there).

The Wisteria Tunnels were surprisingly easy to find despite not having an exact pin to the area. Japan doesn’t use addresses like we do in the states. Instead everyone swaps Apple Maps or Google Maps pins to pull up directions. If you don’t have a pin to a new location, it can be difficult to follow directions since most street signs are in Japanese. Once we got down there we saw many signs directing us there. Even though most of the signs weren’t in English, we figured out they were talking about the Wisteria Tunnels because of the pictures on them.

The tunnels weren’t as vibrant as the pictures I had seen online but they were still really pretty. The tunnels had different colored wisteria in shades of purple, pink and white. It was really beautiful and smelled like heaven.

As we walked through we could see where they were starting to build more tunnels by encouraging the vines to grow on the trellises. Other tunnels appeared to be completely solid with vines.

The tunnels went up the side of a small mountain. At the top was a clearing with benches and stumps to sit and relax. There were quite a few Nationals sitting up there and having a picnic lunch. We decided to do the same with the sandwiches and snacks we grabbed from a 7-11 on the way to the tunnels. It was warm and peaceful.


It was a pleasant day and great way to introduce Mom to Japan.

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