Making Plans And Deals

Last night I booked tickets to fly back home in November. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for my mom. Well I could save the money between now and then but I probably wouldn’t have gotten such a great deal that I was able to get. I am very grateful that she helped me. Don’t get me wrong. I love Japan but I am really homesick right now. I am looking forward to going home and seeing family again.

Since I knew I had to way to book the tickets I decided to try something out to try and get a lower fare. I forgot where I heard from but I once heard that nothing in life in set in stone, including the price of something. I had tried calling all the airlines to get the lowest price but was told with would be upper $1200’s for round trip for most of them. I really didn’t want to pay that much because I will be paying this back to my mom (despite what she says). So I went to twitter and posted the following tweet:


I honestly didn’t expect much to happen and except for American Airlines offering to fly me out at normal price, nothing really happened by the time I went to bed. I wasn’t able to sleep and was talking to a friend back in the states when I got a message from Delta stating that they could do roundtrip for $1030. While I contemplated their offer, my twitter notice went of again with a tweet from United. They offered me $1154 roundtrip. I told them about Delta’s offer and asked them if they would be willing to upgrade me from economy if I went with their fare. After a couple of hours of back and forth they couldn’t upgrade me. Frustrated I resigned to go back to bed. Then I got a message from JetBlue saying that they partner with China Eastern Airlines and that they would be fly me out economy for $982! Well I jumped at that deal. Cheaper and I get a nine hour layover in China to see it a little bit??? Score!!

I fly out of Hiroshima on November 1st. I am very excited to be going home! I will be home for about three weeks. I’m hoping to see lots of friends and family. Plus get some good ol’ American food. You have no idea how bad I have been craving Blooming Onions or a giant greasy New York style pizza or BBQ or fried green tomatoes or okra. I’m a Southern girl. Don’t judge. I will be coming back to Japan a few days before Thanksgiving. I don’t want Jeremy to spending any holidays alone. I am hoping to have friends come over and we have a potluck Thanksgiving. I’m also hoping that my students will be able to come. Or we may do one on that weekend just for my students since they have school that week.


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  1. That’s pretty freakin’ amazing.

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    1. I’m still in awe that it worked!

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      1. Makes me want to go on another trip.

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      2. You should go on a trip!

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  2. lorigreer says:

    How creative on your part!!

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      1. lorigreer says:

        How was your trip?


  3. Laura Beth says:

    That is amazing! You’re so creative. I would have never thought of that. So happy for you!

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    1. Thank you ☺️ I really wasn’t expecting it to work but it did. It felt great having companies trying to get me to choose them instead of just picking one at random.

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  4. Taylor says:

    This is awesome! You are brillant!

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    1. ☺️ Thank you ☺️


  5. Jay E. says:

    NC will welcome you with open arms. I’ll wave at you from here on the coast 🙂

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    1. I maybe coming down to your area while I’m there. I miss the beaches!

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  6. Kat says:

    That is literally so amazing! I’ll have to give that a try next time. Enjoy your trip!

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    1. Thank you! If you try it let me know how it works for you. ☺️


  7. Wow, that is amazing!


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