RIP Raundi


I have written about these hate pages a few times now and now my heart is really breaking. I found out that a woman who isn’t much older than me killed herself last night. I wasn’t close to her but she was in some of the Marine Spouse support groups that I was in. She was was a very positive and funny woman. She donated 75 empty beers bottles to me and Jeremy when she found out what our centerpieces were going to be. Recently she was dragged through the mud in one of those hate groups. I don’t know what was said because I didn’t witness what happen but I heard tonight they were harassing her about her looks and her age. I don’t know if the harassment lead to her death but it probably didn’t help stop her decision. Raundi will be missed. Rest in peace.

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  1. hotlady1965 says:

    Reblogged this on Confessions of a sexually repressed woman and commented:
    Depression and MI is not funny…it hurts, it kills and it ruins families. Don’t turn your back or be part of a hate page

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  2. Mariposaoro says:

    Wow.. I hope those sickos who harassed her seriously pay!! Poor woman!


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