12 Strong Giveaway

Being overseas, I don’t usually hear about movies until after they have been out for a while in theaters but one movie I have been hearing a lot about lately is 12 Strong.

Brightening Up The Holidays In Bihoku Park

Just before Christmas, Jeremy and I on an ITT trip to Bihuko Park to see their Illumination display. It was supposed to be much larger than the one that is in Hiroshima that we usually go to. We met the buses at the library on base for the ride down there. We were surprised to see snow during the three-hour drive. 

In A Cottage In A Wood: Book Review

Since I bought a Kindle tablet to use at the Balls, I figured I better use it for reading as well. The first book I downloaded on it was In A Cottage In A Wood by Cass Green. It seemed like an interesting book and the reviews were decent on Goodreads. Plus it was cheap. At a $1.99, what did I have to lose to with purchasing it? 

Hopping Around Kitakyushu (Family Vacation Part Three)

After a restful evening in Marine Terrace Beach Resort, Jeremy and I were excited to start the third day of our trip. We were excited to go check a unique zoo that we had found out about thanks to our friend, Yumi. Seeing the sun rising over the mountains as we got ready was really cool.

The Many Surprises Of Nanzo-in Temple & Kitakyushu (Family Vacation Part Two)

About half an hour from Fukuoka is Nanzo-in Temple. Nanzo-in Temple is the home of the reclining Buddha. I’ve been wanting to see it in person for a while and figured since we were in Fukuoka we should take the detour to go visit it. Even though I had looked online about this temple often, I didn’t know there was more to it than just the reclining Buddha. I also didn’t know it was halfway up a mountain. We had quite a few surprises waiting for us. 

Exploring Fukuoka (Family Vacation Part One)

After all the chaos from the Balls was over and done with, Jeremy and I escaped the base and traveled south to Fukuoka. Ever since we arrived in Iwakuni, I had wanted to go see the German Christmas Markets in Fukuoka but never had the chance to see it the previous Christmases. There are two Christmas Markets in Fukuoka, one at Hakata Station and one at Tenjin Station. Since the one at Hakata Station was bigger we decided to go to that one. Jeremy and I like to travel cheap so we took the back roads from Iwakuni to Fukuoka and it took 8 hours to get to Fukuoka. Had we taken the Sanyo Expressway, it would have only taken 3.5 hours but it would have cost us $60 one way. The drive was nice though and we only got stuck in traffic once. 

MCAS Iwakuni Marine Corps Birthday Balls

Summer of last year (can’t believe it’s already 2018!)  I received an email from our FRO saying that the MCCS needed to hire a photographer for the Marine Corps Balls this past November. A few hours later Jeremy forwarded me the same email saying that I need to apply. So I did. I interviewed for it even though I seriously doubted I was what they were wanting. But surprisingly I was offered the gig.

New Year, New Blogs

For the past 3 years or so, I have enjoyed sharing my adventures with you all. I’m not going away, I will keep continuing to sharing our adventures and what we are up to but things will be changing in 2018. First of all, if you haven’t noticed yet, this blog is no longer being called “I Do & Adieu”. While I loved having my blog called that, things are changing and my needs for this blog are changing as well. 

One Last Adventure With Dacia

I have talked about my friend, Dacia, before in this blog. We met earlier this year and have gotten really close over this summer. She is a lot of fun and we have a lot of the same interests. Unfortunately a few weeks ago she found out that she is having to PCS much sooner than we expected. She was suppose to PCS back next summer like us. Instead she is leaving the beginning of December. I know I am going to miss her.